Mark Bunney – Art of Praise

Well, what can I say other than Mark Bunney’s latest offering, The Art of Praise!, is a delight, and an offering it is indeed. He has offered his talent to God, and we get to share and enjoy it as well. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it a win win!
To say that it has a lovely feel and vibe, doesn’t quite do it justice, it dives straight into a classic Mark high energy funky-gospel number (always a good thing in my books) with Brand New Day, then effortlessly wanders into really beautiful, chilled tracks like ‘Tis So Sweet, and I Promise. It is lovely to hear a couple of flute tracks on this album, adding flavour to an already well-balanced, full-bodied sound. The heat of the Caribbean isn’t neglected either, with Jesus, There’s No Other Way having decidedly reggae undertones – with it’s tripping-along-bass line and bobbing-keys, I can almost imagine myself on a hot beach, fresh coconut in hand. Ah, perfect.
Each track is hitched to Bible verse, giving us a glimpse into Mark’s heart for God, and his talent to translate his time in God’s word into songs of praise to our Creator.
This 10-track album is well-deserving of a place on your CD shelf, the heartfelt worship expressed through his beautiful playing will find a way into your soul. More than simply playing music, when we praise God with our whole hearts, it has the ability to change the atmosphere – Mark’s praise reaches out to us and encourages us to stretch closer to God.
All in all, Mark has certainly stepped it up a gear with The Art of Praise! and I can confidently say that it will be enjoyed across the board. From jazz funk, to sweet soft melodies, with a little jaunt around ‘The Islands’, there is a little something for everyone! There’s more information of his website, so head over there to find out more.

Abigale Murphy, UK

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