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Thanks you for visiting ChristSax.com. The creation of this site was fueled by my personal journey to the learn the saxophone and praise God through playing in my Church Praise and Worship band. My first step was to purchase a Saxophone. Next, I thought, “let me head to the Internet, there must be a wealth of information present to help me learn”, unfortunately I was wrong. There were a few articles here and there, but no sites devoted to this important task. I decided to hire a teacher, but his focus was Jazz. Although I love Jazz, my goal was to play for Lord. My Primary goal is to prevent someone from going through the headache I experienced. I also have a number of secondary goals:

  • To encourage beginning players who are not off to a great start and are thinking of giving up.
  • The Internet currently have a void of Christian Themed Saxophone sites.
  • Showcase professional and amateur talent within the industry.
  • Teach beginning players through audio, video and articles.
  • Detail the History of the Saxophone within the Church.
  • Share Information on current events.
  • Provide a means for religious organization to find Christian Saxophonist for Worship Bands, Concerts, etc.
  • To Develop this site into the authority for Christian Saxophone on the Internet

While browsing this site,  if you have feedback concerning anything , I would greatly appreciate if you could leave your feedback through email here.